YouTube Channel Now Hosting D&D VODs

YouTube Announcement

The Need for YouTube Has Arrived…

This week, I was reminded of the unfortunate truth about Twitch, and we lost all of our older games from here on the Forgebreaker Gaming channel. In an effort to preserve these moments for future reference, we have switched over the previous Forgebreaker Guild YouTube channel and it will now host all of our D&D Games!

Future VODs here at our website will also be linked to YouTube videos instead of our Twitch channel due so they preserve the videos as well. This also creates a unique opportunity for us as we can now build on our YouTube channel as well and hopefully use that to springboard our following both here on our website, and our primary Twitch channel!

NOTICE: We will remain a Twitch Primary channel, with YouTube becoming our resource for older videos. There will be no live streaming done on the YouTube platform.

Our YouTube channel, which will change in name in the future, can be found at