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D&D Sunday (The Ascension Campaign) – The Fey Team

Airs every Sunday – 7PM EST

In 1491, a crack team of highly skilled elves were sent to the Sunless Citadel to help save the town of Oakhurst. These individuals promptly rid the world of a great evil, but Faerun has other plans for them.

Today, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire…The Fey-Team

Act 1: The Sunless Night

Act Recap coming soon!

Act 2: The Dawn Before the Storm

Alion Tinueth - Eladrin Ranger

Never content staying in one place for too long, Alion was always prowling the woods staying away from most people as a younger elf. When he chose his name he left his home for good and started exploring the Feywild. When he was 150, he was selling some furs and hides when the city that he was in crossed into the material world. Guided by impulse, Alion quickly left, entering into woods he did not know. He is driven by an ravenous need to seek new forests, always searching for a place he can call home. His path has taken him to Oakenhurst, where many trials await. After journeying through the Sunless Citadel, traveling to Neverwinter and learning Draconic.

Berwin Galanodel - Wood Elf Druid

A young Wood Elf from the High Forest in the North Western area of Faerun, Berwin hails from a tribe of druids that are working to protect the forest from the evil coming from Hellgate Keep.

Caelynn Nailo - Drow Warlock

Born in the unnatural darkness of a solar eclipse, Caelynn has been shrouded in a veil of gloom her entire life. She was enthralled by a mind flayer, along with her twin sister Thia, as a youth after watchting the rest of her family slaughtered. Trained to be a team of warlock assassins to further the evil plans of the collective, they was forced into a pack with Dispater. As the sisters grew up they were often sent to infiltrate towns and cities of the underdark to gather information, steal and kill importatnt targets. While fighting against a group of other drow for the mind flayers, Caelynn was seemingly betrayed by Thia when Thia attacked Caelynn who was diguised member of the drow forces. Caelynn was gravely injured and left for dead by her sister and the Mind Flayers but was found by a group of dwarves and taken to the upper reaches of the Underdark to be interrogated. Now released from her psychic bonds with mind flayer Caelynn told her tale of what had happened.The dwavres upon hearing her story helped Caelynn regain her strength and freed her. At this point Caelynn headed to the surface after hearing whispers of untold power and knowledge to be found outside of the Underdark that could help her to find her sister and the mind flayer that enslaved her to eventually take her revenge.

Caelynn is still haunted by the events of her childhood and the betrayal by her sister who was the only friend she ever had. She is generally stoic and and emotionless and can be seen as aloof and prejudiced. She will cooperate with others when it furthers her ambitions, but will kill if she feels it warranted. Caelynn is driven by her hate and the subtle whisphers of Dispater and other subconscious dissonant voices pushing her to commit evil acts.

Marqinor Havenbane - Half-Elf Cleric

Born to a mostly poor family in failing Luskan, Marqinor spent most of his early youth being taught by his dying mother the plight of his hometown, and the Spellplague which has wiped out a majority of its inhabitants almost 20 years prior to his birth. As he grew older, he yearned to find ways to help his fallen city, and grew tiresome of living in destitute.

Shortly after his 19th birthday, his mother passed, leaving him alone in a dangerous world. With no family remaining, and the city he was raised continuing to fall into despair, Marqinor chose at the age of 20 to head off into the wilderness, spending most of his days avoiding civilization. One day, Marqinor meet an old Paladin who convinced him to seek the guidance of Tyr, the god of justice.

With a renewed faith in the people of the realm thanks to his deity, Marqinor would train in the ways of magic, focusing on the schools of Enchantment and Evocation. With his abilities, and guidance from his deity, Marqinor would travel the realm, looking to help all in need, hoping prevent the same fate that happened in his home town from happening elsewhere.

Upon returning to his hometown almost 50 years later, Marqinor found the City of Sails to be almost unnoticeable, with few businesses still running, and it's inhabitants being pushed away from the city which had become overran by goblins and kobolds. With the city in disrepair, and no home to really speak of, Marqinor could travel freely. To do so, he spent his downtime listening to tales of adventurers within the small inn and tavern One-Eyed Jax, and would take voyage on any vessel that may lead him to any area of the realm which might need his assistance.

D&D Monday (The Tyranny of Dragons Campaign)

Airs every Monday – 7PM EST

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D&D Civil War Campaign

Airs twice monthly! Schedule coming soon!

To the west of Faerun lie a small group of islands in the middle of the Trackless Sea. The Living Isles, as they are known to those who travel here, are in complete turmoil. The main island of Clykere plays host to the Stormholme Empire, and is often the focal point of all travel to the area. Surrounding it lie 6 smaller islands, each with their own tribes whom feel the injustices of the Empire have become too much. Diplomacy has broken down. There is no other form of recourse…and a civil war is brewing. The tribes have sent out for aide in this battle, looking for warriors and adventurers to help in their plight. This is where you come in.

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