On Demand: D&D Session 11 – Us or the Dragon

D&D Sunday Session 11: Us or the Dragon

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Boy did we ever mess up this time. The Fey-Team licked their wounds after several big battles earlier, but this takes the cake. After a trip through the sections north and west of the Bladeworks, we find spectral images, succubus, magic carpets, and living skeletons. But this was nothing compared to the dangers we stumbled upon at the end of our session, as we climbed down a the pit, leading to the Black Lake, and an awaiting black dragon.

The Sunless Night campaign wraps up the Forge of Fury module with an epic battle between the Fey-Team and a young black dragon! What other adventures await our champions? Text recap after the video!

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Session 11 Recap

The Fall of a Black Dragon

From the murky waters of the Black Lake emerges the rumored black dragon, though, not quite the Ancient dragon they anticipated. Immediately, the dragon goes on the attack, attempting to hit Alion with an Acid Breath. The hit nearly brings Alion down, but he pulled himself together. Berwin’s druidic magic comes into play as he calls upon two octopus to help the party to keep the dragon in grasp. But once again, Faerie Fire bites us slightly, as it makes the octopus much easier to be attacked. To help save them, Marqinor commands the dragon to approach him. As it moves in, the dragon once again attempts to hit the party members with acid breath.

This time, however, it’s wildly successful, and brings Berwin down, knocking him unconscious. With Berwin down, and the rest of the party taking aim at the now land locked dragon, Marqinor turns to Berwin and the rest of the team, giving some much needed Aid to them. As the dragon tries to get away, it is Marqinor’s command and Alion’s blade that ultimately bring down the dragon of Black Lake.

The Roper Meets its Demise

The Fey-Team explores the island in the middle of the Black Lake, uncovering a cache of loot, coin, and weapons as reward for their efforts. They make their way back through the caverns, once again face to face with the roper which previously put our team in the midst of danger. Several attacks by the roper, and its tendrals grabbing the Fey-Team and bringing them in. With each pull, the party is at risk of dying to the maw and teeth of this beast. However, it was once again Alion whom would get the last laugh. With the draw of his bow, he lands an arrow into the eye of the beast, watching its body collapse.

The Rise of The Fey-Team

After this, the party finishes exploring the caverns, before making their way back to Blazingdale. The party returns once more to Sir Miles Berrick. He is intrigued by the tale that the Fey-Team had to tell. One of the undead, dragons, and ropers. It was their victory over a dragon that brought awe into the eyes of Sir Berrick. The party is handsomely rewarded for their efforts, for the swords brought to him, and the maps the party put together. It was then that the party was presented with a deed to property within the town limits, a place to call home.

And on that night, The Fey-Team was revered throughout the Sword Coast.