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You may be asking yourself, who is Forgebreaker? Where did it come from? Forgebreaker is a former guild found in Elder Scrolls Online. Once the guild members started to go their separate ways, as they often do in MMOs, the guildleader Michael (known by the user name Merrak) turned the old Twitch name into a dedicated variety stream account. Now, Forgebreaker hosts a wide variety of games, from PC gaming to tabletop, and is always looking for ways to expand and improve. Our Twitch account currently hosts games new and old, and features our D&D Sunday event. Feel free to come and join us anytime!

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Forgebreaker reaches beyond streaming! From guilds and gaming communities, to web management, charity participation, and of course our game streams, Forgebreaker looks to be here for whatever your gaming needs may be!

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YouTube Announcement

YouTube Channel Now Hosting D&D VODs

The Need for YouTube Has Arrived… This week, I was reminded of the unfortunate truth about Twitch, and we lost all of our older games from here on the Forgebreaker Gaming channel. In an effort to preserve these moments for future reference, we have switched over the previous Forgebreaker Guild YouTube channel and it will […]

D&D Sunday Session 12: Dawn Before the Storm

On Demand: D&D Session 12 – Dawn Before the Storm

Previous Weeks Recap A black dragon falls to their feet. Looking in disbelief, the Fey-Team cannot believe what they had just accomplished. This was the biggest challenge they have faced, and yet, it instills a new confidence in them. The Forge of Fury now rests quietly beneath Stone Tooth. Months have passed. The Fey-Team, once […]

D&D Sunday Session 11: Us or the Dragon

On Demand: D&D Session 11 – Us or the Dragon

Previous Weeks Recap Boy did we ever mess up this time. The Fey-Team licked their wounds after several big battles earlier, but this takes the cake. After a trip through the sections north and west of the Bladeworks, we find spectral images, succubus, magic carpets, and living skeletons. But this was nothing compared to the […]